History of Oregon Public Library

1898 - Present

1898 - 35 families belonged to a subscription library known as Parmalee's. These families paid $3.00 a month and every three months a box of 50 books arrived at the library, which was located in CC Peast's Drug Store. This library structure was fairly common at the time. 

Black and white photo of the library. There are a couple book cases and a desk with a chair.
Picture courtesy of OAHS.


1908 - The first public library was established in Oregon when Mrs. William Bennett started a lending library in a room above the Criddle Drug Store located at 113 S. Main Street (see image below). The rent was five dollars a month.

Photo of the present day 115 S Main St, Oregon, WI
115 S Main St. (1908 location- 113 S Main, upstairs) Photo Courtesy of OAHS.


1910 - The official Library was established and became part of the Village.

1914 - The library moved to a room over the McDermott Building at 105 S Main Street.

Photo of the present day McDermott Building
The McDermott Building. (1914 location) Photo courtesy of OAHS.


1916 - The library moved to the Netherwood Block.

Photo of the present day Netherwood Block, Oregon, WI
Current picture of Netherwood Block. (1916 library location). Picture courtesy of OAHS.


1941 - The library moved to the Village Hall building, 117 Spring Street.

Current photo of the Oregon Village Hall.
Current picture of Village Hall. (1941 library location). Picture courtesy of OAHS.


May 1980 - The library moved to 219 Park Street (formerly Paul’s SuperMarket, now the Oregon Senior Center)

December 1995 - The library moved to its current location at 256 Brook Street.

Photo of the current library located at 256 Brook Street complete with view of the reader statues.
256 Brook St. 2014 photo.

2010 Centennial Information

Desk Donor Booklet (PDF)

Centennial Article for Oregon Area Community Book Project (PDF)

Birthday Brochure (PDF)

Party Poster (PDF)

Centennial Community Desk (PDF)

Library Postcard from Centennial Year (PDF)

Photo of centennial desk in operation
Photo of the Centennial desk with pink flowers