1000 Books Before Kindergarten

An Early Literacy Program

The most effective way to get your child ready to learn is to read to them. The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program is designed to help parents accomplish this goal. By reading just three stories a day you and your child can read over 1000 books in one year.

The program is for children ages birth to Kindergarten and is free. Families work at their own pace at home. Children earn prizes for listening to family members read to them. 

This program is sponsored by the Oregon-Brooklyn Lions Club.


To register for the program, complete this online form. Staff will email you when your 1000 Books tote bag is ready. You can pick up at the Checkout Desk or via Curbside Services anytime the Library is open. 


You can track one of two ways! If you try one and switch to the other tracking method, that is okay! 

  • Paper tracking logs - These are in your registration folder. Tell us if you need extras!
  • Beanstack Website or Mobile App
    • If you already have an account for Oregon Library, you need to add your child to the account. Then you will be able to registering for 1000 Books program and start tracking.
    • Otherwise create an account for yourself or family and then add a child.
    • The Beanstack App is our new tracking app that provides a more direct connection to the Oregon Library and local community. We are no longer promoting the app available through Bridges. If you are currently using the old app, you can continue to track with it. 


To receive a prize, email Youth Services Dept. at oreyouth [at] oregonlibrary.org (oreyouth[at]oregonlibrary[dot]org) or call (608) 835-3656. Please include what level you have completed. Staff will contact you when your prize(s) are ready! 

  • At Registration, children receive a 1000 Books Before Kindergarten tote bag.
  • For every 100 books, children earn a sticker.
  • At 500, they earn a toy (finger puppets or tub toys).
  • At 1000, children earn a paperback book and certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really expect to read 1000 books to your child before kindergarten?

By reading just three stories a day you and your child can read over 1000 books in one year.

I read the same story every night to my child. Can I count that book more than once?

Yes! Repetition does help a child build literacy skills.

I have more than one child I read to. Can I count the same title for each child?

Yes! If an older sibling reads to a younger sibling, it also counts.

Do books read at storytime or in preschool/daycare count? 

Yes! Anytime your child is read to counts.

What if I already have a Beanstack account?

Then you only need to add the child who is participating in the program. Once your child is added, then you can sign them up for 1000 Books Before Kindergarten on the child's Beanstack record.

Will the old app still work? I don't want to move everything over.

Yes, the app available through Bridges will still work. Feel free to start tracking with Beanstack. You do not need to scan each book and title to count. You can input the number of books read.